Tuukka Korhonen

I am a first-year computer science PhD student at University of Bergen supervised by Fedor V. Fomin. I got my master's degree at University of Helsinki, where I did research in the Constraint Reasoning and Optimization group.

My current research interests are parameterized algorithms and complexity, in particular topics related to tree decompositions.





  • Fast FPT-Approximation of Branchwidth. (slides) at IBS Virtual Discrete Math Colloquium, November 2021.
  • Integrating Tree Decompositions into Decision Heuristics of Propositional Model Counters. (slides, video) at CP 2021.
  • Lower Bounds on Dynamic Programming for Maximum Weight Independent Set. (slides, video) at ICALP 2021.
  • SharpSAT-TD: Improving SharpSAT by Exploiting Tree Decompositions. (slides, video) at Workshop on Model Counting 2021.
  • A Single-Exponential Time 2-Approximation Algorithm for Treewidth. (slides, video) at Frontiers of Parameterized Complexity online seminar, May 2021.
  • Finding Optimal Triangulations Parameterized by Edge Clique Cover. (slides, video) at IPEC 2020.
  • PACE solver description: SMS. (slides) at IPEC 2020.
  • Finding Most Compatible Phylogenetic Trees over Multi-State Characters. (slides, poster) at AAAI 2020.
  • Enumerating Potential Maximal Cliques via SAT and ASP. (slides, poster) at IJCAI 2019.

MSc thesis


  • SharpSAT-TD - #SAT-solver that utilizes tree decompositions.
  • SMS - Exact algorithm for computing treedepth using small minimal separators.
  • Triangulator - Implementation of the Bouchitté-Todinca algorithm for exact computing of optimal triangulations with various notions of "optimal".
  • MaxPre - MaxSAT preprocessor.


  • VCLA International Student Awards 2021 Outstanding Master Thesis Award
  • Finnish Society for Computer Science Master's thesis award - the best computer science Master's thesis in Finland in the academic year 2019-2020
  • IPEC 2020 Best Paper Award and Best Student Paper Award





  • Currently PhD student at University of Bergen, started in 9/2021.
  • Master of Science, Computer Science, University of Helsinki, 7/2020.
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, University of Helsinki, 9/2019.


  • 8/2020-7/2021. Mandatory (non)-military service as research assistant at University of Helsinki.
  • 6/2016-6/2017, 10/2017-5/2018, 2/2019-7/2020. Research assistant in Constraint Reasoning and Optimization group at University of Helsinki.
  • 6/2018-12/2018. Software engineering intern at Google Zürich.
  • 7/2017-9/2017. Software developer intern at Jane Street London.

Programming contests

  • My profiles at online programming contest sites: Codeforces, Topcoder, Atcoder.
  • Results in ICPC: 13th in finals 2017, 14th in finals 2016, 2nd in NWERC 2016, 1st in NWERC 2015, 1st in NCPC 2016, 2nd in NCPC 2015.

Misc links

Updated on 25 November 2021